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Measurements to Take Before You Purchase Your New Refrigerator
Things You Should Know to Save Yourself Time

Youíre thinking of purchasing a new refrigerator, but with the hundreds of models that are available, itís hard to know exactly where to start.

There are side-by-sides, bottom freezers, french doors, and top freezer refrigerators. There are ones that come with water, without water, with icemakers, without icemakers. There are full depth, shallow depth, built-ins, drawers, and it can feel a little overwhelming coming into a store and not knowing where to begin.

However, there are some steps you will need to take before you even come into our showroom that will save you time and energy later on, and could also prevent you from making a decision that may not necessarily work in your kitchen.

The most important thing youíll need to do is to make sure you have all the necessary dimensions before you come in, which will allow you to be sure that your new refrigerator will fit into your space. Thereís certainly nothing more frustrating than watching a delivery crew bring a beautiful new refrigerator into your kitchen, only to watch them have to haul it away when it doesnít fit.

The first thing youíll want to do is slide your old refrigerator out of the space and measure the overall width of the opening. Take a measurement at the top of your space, as well as the bottom, in the event that your cabinets have shifted or the floor is uneven. Itís not uncommon for floors not to be level, especially with older homes. This can cause a problem particularly if youíre dealing with dimensions that are very close when you select your new refrigerator.

The next measurements youíll want to take will be the height of the opening, and youíll want to measure from the floor to the bottom of the upper cabinet (if applicable), and itís important to take a measurement from both the left and the right hand side of the space. Again, this is important especially with older homes. As mentioned previously itís not uncommon for floors to not be level which could give you a different height on both sides.

The last couple of dimensions youíll want to take will be to measure the depth of the cabinets adjacent to your current opening. Most cabinets are usually 24Ē deep, but with so many custom applications, sometimes this isnít the case. Youíll also want to measure the overall depth of your current refrigerator, especially in the event that youíre in a tight space. The reason why this is important is if you only have so much space in your current application, you want to make sure that the depth of your new refrigerator doesnít exceed your existing one.

The next thing youíll want to do is measure the width and height of your doorways. This is important because if you are in an older home where the doorways tend to be narrower, you want to make sure that youíll be able to get the refrigerator into your home, and then into the kitchen. It is possible on most models to remove the doors from the refrigerator, so you can also check with your salesperson to be sure that you wonít experience any problems on delivery.

The last couple of things youíll want to check will be the door swing of your current refrigerator, along with the distance between the refrigerator and an adjacent wall. If your current refrigerator is not a side-by-side and has a full width door, check to see which side of the door the hinge (not the handle) is on. This is important because you want to make sure your new refrigerator opens correctly, and it will be critical to let your salesperson know which door swing you need as there are many models that need to be ordered with the correct door swing and may not be reversible.

The last thing youíll want to check will be if your current refrigerator is next to a wall, check and see how much farther beyond the cabinets that wall comes out, as well as whatever space there is between the refrigerator and the wall. The reason why this is important is if you purchase a side-by-side or french door refrigerator, youíll want to make sure the door will open 90-degrees so that youíll have full access to any drawers, bins, etc.

Making an appliance purchase is obviously an important decision for you and your family, and by taking these steps before you come in to shop, you will have the confidence to know that whatever refrigerator you select, it will be a great addition to your kitchen.



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